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Best spots for a caffeine hit

The Rocket Bean Roastery serves top-quality coffee (from Kenya) in one of Riga’s trendiest cafes with a large and open space perfect for conversation. Big windows at the front and a rustic, wooden interior make it both cosy and cool.

Most instagrammable places to visit

Miera iela (Peace Street) and its surrounding streets sit at the epicentre of Riga’s cafe culture. Take a stroll down the street and the building exteriors might be reminiscent of post-Soviet styles with bland, whitewashed edifices, but inside each and every cafe along Miera iela, you’ll find an explosion of style and colour. And where better a place for the perfect Instagram shot than an expertly pulled espresso inside one of these hip and trendy cafes – any will do!

Mouth-watering must-eats/drinks

One of the first hip cafes to open up on Miera iela, DAD cafe, has made a name for itself with its hearty and healthy meals – especially its soups! The cafe’s interior with its mish-mashed furniture, modern art on the walls and even a piano, offer a beautiful location that complements the tastefully presented meals.

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Just a short walk from Riga’s city centre there’s a street that’s been taken over by a group of local artists, small business entrepreneurs and foodies. Miera iela, or Peace Street, overflows with cafes, candlelit bars, small galleries, shops and even a chocolate museum. The street actually takes its name from the many nearby funeral homes and cemeteries, but while Miera iela might recall ideas of peace and quiet, the area is now anything but. There’s a lot of life and colour on Miera iela and its surrounding streets. The cafes might bustle all day with locals coming in and out, baby strollers in abundance, but at night, the clubs open and people spill out onto the streets. Cafes shut down their Wi-Fi as the sun sets and suddenly you’ll find yourself in a buzzing hotspot full of trendy locals and tourists.

While Miera iela serves as a perfectly comfortable spot for enjoying warm drinks on quiet and cold winter days, it’s not just the cafe culture that’s pervaded the neighbourhood. You’ll find everything from men’s fashion shops to baby apparel stores – great for leisurely window shopping. And, with the surge in the neighbourhood’s popularity, it’s an increasingly busy spot both day and night. In the evenings, try TAKA, a local bar, famous for its quirky events, which serves homemade apple wine alongside Latvian craft beers.

Like many northern European cities, Riga comes alive in the summer, especially around the Midsummer solstice (called the Jani holiday in Latvian), when Latvians attach flowers to just about everything. Restaurants set up special Midsummer menus and street vendors hawk flower garlands. The city practically blooms and the mix between traditional Latvian culture and the rise of Miera iela’s new and trendy styles make for some truly interesting sights throughout the area.

Adam Groffman, Travels of Adam

Every city has neighbourhoods that become neglected and forgotten as the years go by. No tourists flock there, and locals pass through without paying any attention. Such neighbourhoods - in dire need of revitalisation - have the potential of becoming a project for young, enterprising modern thinkers to establish something stylish and hip from practically point zero. This is the tale of Riga's Miera iela/street.

This creative, open and joyful environment is a home to a number of cafes, bars, shops and other creative institutions. This part of the city is a must for most of the visitors interested in culture, design, beer and cosy atmosphere.Vita Jermolovica, Chairwoman of Riga Tourism Development Bureau 
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